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Ethical Hacker from Zero to Hero Online Training Program 2020

Our Ethical Hacker programs enable student and corporate to become expert in the field of Cyber Security to meet future challenges as all businesses have embraced information technology to run and grow their respective businesses.

Learn Ethical Hacking

Our 100% Online Ethical Hacker Training includes:

  • Ready to get serious about your Ethical Hacking? Your new career in information security management depends on it.
  • 100% online training, learn at your own pace from wherever you want
  • Ideal for people without previous information security management experience or qualifications
  • 1000+ hours of Ethical Hacker Training designed by industry experts, scenario-based practices & more
  • Learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want, even if you work full-time
  • White-hat hacking real-life practice scenarios help you prepare for the real-world cases
  • Ethical Hacking Cheat Sheets, tools, pdfs, resources and more
  • Security in today’s world
  • Security and Business interrelationship
  • Context of Ethical Hacker

What Do I Get?

  • Completing this online Ethical Training training will help you to learn white-hat hacking skills.
  • Theoretical concepts explained with real-world project examples, giving you a better understanding of those concepts when it comes to your certification exam
  • Test yourself with real-life ethical hacking scenarios to assess your readiness for the real-world cases
  • Unlike in-person ‘training bootcamps’, you can study and prepare at your own pace, to fit your busy schedule
  • Online moderated Ethical Hacker peer forum to participate in active discussions
  • Downloadable high-quality Ethical Hacking study tools (handouts, cheat sheets, etc.)
  • Learn How to hack any System after getting the proper approval.
  • Learn how to hack Network, Wireless, Application, Web Site and bypass different security layers, of course after getting proper approval.
  • Learn how to compromise computers, crack password, crash system and compromise application.
  • Learn Buffer Overflow from Scratch, Social Engineering Tools and Technique
  • Evaluate the security level and breaches in any organization.

Get complete access to the Ethical Hacker course as well as 200+ other Top Cyber Security Courses, 5000+ Hacking Tools, 1000+ PDFs, 100+ Cheat Sheets, and various Resources.

₹ 4999

Ideal for

IT security became a critical issue with the evolution of information age. And the demand for Certified Ethical Hacker profiles in organizations increased respectively. Ethical Hacking Overview Training is best suited for:

  • IT / Analytics / Statistics / Big Data / Machine Learning Developers and programmers
  • Professionals looking to develop skills to do statistical analysis to support decision making
  • Security officers
  • Auditors
  • Security practitioners
  • Site administrators
  • Network Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Any individual who need to know about hacking skills to evaluate their security.

Prerequisites of Ethical Hacking

  • Fresh graduates from Engineering / Mathematics / IT backgrounds
  • Basic knowledge of Information Security.
  • Basic Knowledge of computers and hardware.
  • Knowledge of OS Internals like Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Knowledge of Computer Networks and other different protocols.

Get complete access to the Ethical Hacker course as well as 200+ other Top Cyber Security Courses, 5000+ Hacking Tools, 1000+ PDFs, 100+ Cheat Sheets, and various Resources.

₹ 4999

Why should I attend in Ethical Hacker training?

All our information are not on digital media so everything now is on our Mobile Phone, Laptop, Cloud and so on. So, what will happen if someone was able to hack our devices, that’s why we need to be aware about hacking techniques and how easy it is to hack any system and system could be Computer, Network, Wireless, Website, Web Application, Accounts like Email or Social Media.

Several organizations employ Ethical Hacker positions to try to hack their system and evaluate their security. In CEH Certification Training, you will learn ethical hacking methods to find and evaluate the weaknesses of your organization.

Every day, we face a new security issue. Don’t bother, I will keep you updated. I will publish new videos about a new attack or a new technique so you will always be updated.


Opportunities for Ethical Hackers are growing in leaps and bounds. The demand for them is monumental with very few Ethical Hackers available. Earlier limited to the IT sector, now as all companies create their online presence, they require Cyber Security.

The increase in transactions and sensitive work carried out online increases the pressure to have latest and up-to-date internet security. High-Profile companies cannot afford to be victim to a cyber attack and therefore Ethical Hackers are hired.

In addition, government agencies such as various wings of the military and law enforcement, defenceorganisations, forensic laboratories, detective companies and investigative services offer challenging roles for ethical hackers.

Whatever the field, functions or scale of the company, as it goes online Ethical Hackers will be needed for its protection. Like Cops are a necessity, so will be cyber cops.

Get complete access to the Ethical Hacker course as well as 200+ other Top Cyber Security Courses, 5000+ Hacking Tools, 1000+ PDFs, 100+ Cheat Sheets, and various Resources.

₹ 4999

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