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Services We Offer

Editing Works
Design and Illustration
Copyright and ISBN Reg.
Creation of E-book

Why Chasing Media?

Freedom Service
Chasing Media gives you full freedom to make your own book from scratch and you can itself do other works like design, promote and selling your book. You have the whole controlling power for your own book.
Guidance Service
There is another process which you can pick a team from us and you can use them, for your design works, promotion and selling your book. You can just sit back and analyze our works while our team creates a best version of your book.
What Chasing Media gives you
Your work gets done in quick time and you can track our work anytime. After publishing you can see the sales rate. Language is not a barrier for us. Whatever language you present , we are ready to publish your book especially we are well versed in major Indian Language. From editing to publishing and discussing idea about the book we can help you for all your works and we will be a support for your whole book publishing work. We believe it is your book once you send your manuscript to us. We will arrange copyright and ISBN number registration for your book. You get notify whenever your book get sold at anyplace.

Typesetting Services

The submitted copy is given to proofreaders to check it from start to end so as to ensure that we have a error free copy before we send for printing.
Copy Editing
In copy editing, we looks at your manuscript in terms of consistency of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. The editor ensures proper word usage and fixes awkward phrasing, suggesting alternatives when needed.
Comprehensive Editing
In comprehensive editing, our editor looks at the overall structure of the copy, including its concept and intended use, content, organization, design, and style. The editor will work with the author to ensure that the content is perfect for the readers.

Design & Illustration

Interior Design

Basic Interior Design
Our designer will style and typeset your book as per the style to make it suitable for worldwide. Basic interior design is most suitable for text-only books with up to 20 image / table insertions.
Premium Interior Design
Our designer will style and typeset your book as per the Style to make it suitable for worldwide. Premium interior design is most suitable for books with lots of images / table insertions etc.

Cover Design

Premium Cover Design
“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old word but most of us still form our first impression by the book cover. We will provide you suitable images from stock photo to choose from and customize it to give your book a premium looking cover.
Customized Cover Design
Our designers will create a customized cover design for your book, by seeing the content, style, tone and the intended audience of the book.


Character Illustration
Our illustrators will design the character in the book by based on the theme of the character given by the author
Character + Background Illustration + Font Layout
Our illustrators will make the entire illustration page keeping in mind the text as well as about the look and feel of the story which described by author.

E-Book Creation

E-book creation and distribution
  • Ebook will be created in fixed layout format as per the respective publishing guidelines
  • Ebook Formats: Epubs, Mobi
  • Devices Covered: Kindle, iPad


Look Inside Book Preview
We will release an copy of your book on Google book for the customers to go through and to check the quality of the content. This can help them make their purchase decision.
Author Page Setup
We will setup your own page which will be linked to your books on Google. The Author page can be a good tool to showcase author’s profile as well as share her / his story.
Pre-Order Availability
Your book will be available on Google for pre order before the official launch of the book. We can use various social media campaigns to create awareness about the book and get the interested people to pre-order their copy via Google. The book is sent to them after the official launch of the book.
Facebook Page Setup
We will create your facebook page which will include the details of the book. The author can use this page to reach out to others and create awareness about the book.
Digital Marketing Campaign
A good digital marketing campaign can help create a consistent demand for your book. We can customize and implement a campaign based on your needs.
Book Reviews
Submitting your book to reviewers and bloggers for review can help you reach your target market and build credibility if the reviewer / blogger happens to like it. We will submit your book to 10 widely followed (FB / Instagram / Blog audience of 10K+) reviewers / bloggers in the relevant genre.
Author Website Design
An author website is a must for authors today. It serves as a digital platform for both you, as an author and for your book. The website doesn't just help you promote your book but it also helps you engage with your potential reader.


India Online Distribution
Needless to say, there has been an rapid growth of online book sales. Online portals like Amazon kindle, Google books etc have been a game changer. We will get your book listed at the following 2 major online portals for book sales.
Retail Stores Distribution
Books may be bought online, but books are discovered in a bookstore. We will get your book distributed to our offline partners. For a different size / color book, the prices may vary.
International Online Distribution
Your book will be made available on international channels in USA & Canada in platforms like Google & Amazon
Copyright & ISBN Registration
Copyright registration of your content is done with the Registrar of Copyright, Govt. of India. Author will get a copyright certificate after government verification.
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