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Chasing Media Corporate Video Production Company is competent to conceptualize, script, shoot, edit and deliver any type of video, regardless of video project size, subject, deadline and budget.

So if you are looking for the corporate video development company that can deliver results, you have come to the right place!

Chasing Media is an independent video production company. We produce creative corporate films and videos for the diversified clients with the purpose to transform their ideas and strategies into the visuals to the audiences and targeted customers intellectually. We create influential motion films and videos for the world’s most idolized corporate companies.

Our video production services include corporate films, 2D Animated Explainer Video Whiteboard Animation Video, Spoke Person Video, Corporate Film Production, Motion Graphic Video, Typography Video, Ad Film Production, Mobile App Video, Software Demo Videos, Product Demo Video, Presentation Video, Teaser Video and Testimonial Video.

We create each video with great zest and work under the professional layout which include strategy, research, concept enhancement, scripting and storyboarding and then all these things are converted into the high quality of video. Our creative approach helped our clients to plan productive strategies for their marketing technique and enables them to spread their brand across the world.

For hiring our multi-faceted video production services, can get in touch with our team and we can help you to create videos the way you want.

Thousands of businesses are already leveraging the power of corporate video & yielding a good money, why don't you?

Everything Under One Roof

Every video is meant to be watched by viewers, however, our motto is that every video is meant to create a lasting effect on the viewer and for that our script writer closely understands the subject matter from the client side and convert into the creative & conveying storyline that leaves an everlasting effect on the viewer's mind.
The exceptional quality voice over is recorded by the veteran voice over artist with the proper pronunciation, enunciation and pacing to bring scripts to life and have the attention of the listeners and viewers from starting to end.
Animation & Production
Every project has diverse requirement from other, owing the same we focus to client's words and work hard to bring them into the life frame by frame to produce an animation to turn the words into something magical that delivers an unforgettable experience to viewers.
Cinematography & Direction
Our highly experience cinematographer has artistic eyes for framing shots and also knows every nut and bolt of the latest equipment and technology and hence able to capture the image as per the client or industry requirement with the perfect balance of lighting, shot selection, camera operation and every element that delivers the quality work to create that charisma among viewers.
Background Music & SFX
Music facilitates to enhance the effect of the video on the viewers, keeping the fact into consideration, our video editor team makes use of the forefront technology to get optimum level sound quality and selects the music that is relevant, effective and catchy to the audience.
Editing & VFX
We use an advanced VFX software to edit the certain scene and give them more realistic and appealing look. Our team uses their utmost level of talent in VFX to achieve the desired realistic environment and deliver the video that is equally captivating & engaging.
All the segments of the video are wrapped up into a single element to produce a final video output that executes with a smooth and realistic effect, which can be played on any platform with the best suited resolution in just a one click. Chasing Media is providing 3D Walkthrough - 3D Rendering Services In Chennai.

2D Animated Explainer Video


the 2D animated video helps you interestingly describe about a person, product, service or a company with the help of the animation that is easily understandable by the viewer. The high conversation rate of the animated video and conceptualized script together makes the video easily conveying and captivating.

2D Animated Explainer Video Benefits:

  • Explain your objective in just few minutes
  • Simplifies explanation of complex topics
  • Helps communicate closely with the target audience
  • Visually more interesting & engaging
  • Retains customers till the end
  • Easy to access through mobile
  • Yield better ROI
  • Highest recall rates

Whiteboard Animation Video


Whiteboard animation video is a game of the whiteboard and series of sketches, wherein characters or story is sketched out on a white background in front of the viewer to explicate your perspective in the most interesting manner. The unstopping drawing motion develops an interest and anticipation that hold them till the end of the video.

Whiteboard Animation Video Benefits:

  • Attention grabbing
  • Easy to access through mobile
  • leave a long lasting effect on the customer
  • The Fresh approach to be unique
  • Increase customer interest
  • Turns a complex subject into fun watching
  • Yields good returns on investment

Spoke Person Video


The highest conversion rate is the name of the game in the marketing, which has a potential to reduce the communication gap and build a closer relationship with the viewer and thusly end up into the customer. This is what spoke person video does for you, it gives voice and sound to your product or service and elevates the conversion rate to the considerable edge and boosts up the trust of the viewers.

Spoke Person Video Benefits:

  • Easy to communicate with the audience
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Longer retention of viewer
  • Easy to explain product/service
  • Helps evoke customer emotion
  • Build trust of audience

Corporate Film Production


The corporate film production is a sophisticated medium to showcase your business and its activities on the huge platform, be it professional promotional video, storytelling, customer testimonials, inspirational client case study or company’s key spoke person video, you can demonstrate with the help of the corporate film production to drag the attention of the targeted audience and elevate the presence.

Corporate Video Film Benefits:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Provide creative input
  • Show the company’s strength
  • Easy to understand
  • Mobile friendly
  • Increase the sales
  • Increase global reach

Motion Graphic Video


Motion Graphic video, manifestly a motion of the number of graphics that created by the animation software to explain the respective data, charts, graphs or any other complex matters in the most easiest way. The graphics are coupled with the background track and the voice over to make it more powerful. Formerly, graphic designs were used to elucidate any data effortlessly, today the same technique is coupled with the power of animation to make close communication and easily graspable is what we call motion graphic video.

Motion Graphic Video Benefits:

  • Easy to explain the process
  • Easy to explain graphs & charts
  • High visual power
  • Best to explain complex data in short time
  • Easy to understand
  • Ideal approach to educate
  • Interesting to watch

Typography Video


Typography video is an animated text video, where in motion together with the text helps drawing the attention of the viewer, whereas the text makes it easy to convey the respective message. Expand, fly, shrink, move, slow motion, grow, zoom in, zoom out are the various types of the text animation that are used in the typography video to give motion to the text, make them notice and ultimately want them read by the audience.

Kinetic Typography Video Benefits:

  • Easy to convey a message
  • Easy to grab attention
  • Emphasize word power
  • Low budget approach
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Easy to access anywhere

Ad Film Production


Ad film has remained the old yet effective medium to convey your objective to the point and creating that everlasting impression by making them feel. If you are new in the business or you are aiming to launch a new product or service, ad film can be a righteous medium to viral thereof. It just takes a few blinks to make your brand, product or service popular in the world. however, high production cost makes the sense to invest wisely and approach professionals.

Ad Film Video Benefits:

  • Best way to introduce new product
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer trust
  • Explain product benefits
  • Stand out among competitors
  • Evoke consumer emotion
  • Create everlasting impression

Mobile App Video


Mobile application video can be anything from application demo, application features to storytelling, created through the video explainer to make it most conveying to the audience. The intellectual combination of the script together with the animation keeps the audience engaging to the end and help you convey the message to them, which eventually can help you turn them into customers.

Mobile App Video Benefits:

  • Educate customers about the application
  • Explain best features
  • Easy to explain how to use
  • Increase customer trust
  • Customer retention
  • Increase product credibility
  • Boost mobile app awareness

Software Demo Video


Software demo video explains the features of your software in the simple language with the help of the human, audio and video recorder, or you can explain the software with the help of the animated character, audio and visuals. The process incorporates script of the step by step operating guidance or the set of features that your software provides, to which we give a face and voice to make it more communicating and easily grasping.

Software Demo Video Benefits:

  • Educate user about the software
  • Explains benefits of the software
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Elevate customer trust
  • Emphasize the best features of the software
  • Standout among crowd
  • Increase sale

Product Demo Video


The product demo video is meant to demonstrate anything related to the product, be it how to use, features, benefits and whatever a company wants to showcase. The making of the same incorporates product itself, character animation or model, script, voice over, animator or recorder as well as video editor to produce a professional product demo video. A well defined professional video is win-win for both and that’s what makes it the one of the best marketing mediums to increase the sale as well as brand awareness.

Product Demo Video Benefits:

  • Increase conversion and sale
  • Boost product awareness
  • Build up customer trust
  • Elevate product transparency
  • Easily convey the product benefit
  • Bust up sale

Presentation Video


In the presentation video, number of slides are merged with the help of animation, whereas audio and visual effects are incorporated by experts to make it more fascinating. So now the presenter does not need to manage the slides, or there is no any risk of error during the presentation. Further, the interesting and engaging animations of the video hold the customers without any extra efforts from the speaker.

Presentation Video Benefits:

  • Eliminate the slide changing hassle
  • Increase focuses more on subject
  • Easy to communicate with the audience
  • Can show more with less data
  • Power the voice of presenter
  • Promote communication
  • Explain subject more efficiently

Teaser Video


Teaser video remains a very short clip that is used to evoke emotion of the viewers, and hence is a very short video, you need to be very clear about what you want to focus. And to evoke emotion, story tells is the most excellent way to justify thereof. If your business has no story to tell, you need to incorporate something fascinating that can drive the attention of the customers, because the ultimate reason behind creating a teaser video might be traffic, lead and of course costumers.

Teaser Video Benefits:

  • Increase customer curiosity
  • Create buzz before launch
  • Maximize customer traffic
  • Target potential customers
  • Double the sale
  • Get high returns on investment

Testimonial Video


Testimonial can be a powerful marketing tool for you, simply because customers trust more on the customer experience about the product or service over the benefits promised by the company itself. Almost 88% of people trust online reviews, while making an investment in respective product or service that means through the testimonial video you can target 88% people using the internet to make them believe that your product is superior alternative that they can invest in.

Testimonial Video Benefits:

  • Increase credibility
  • Increase confidence of potential customer
  • Increase product awareness
  • Boost product sale
  • Easily mobile accessible
  • Powerful way to evoke customer emotion


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Welcome to Chasing Media

Welcome to Chasing Media