Chasing Media is a Specialist Information Security Consultancy

Chasing Media is a Specialist Information Security Consultancy!

Chasing Media is an information security company that helps to educate and protect small, medium, start-ups and businesses from cybersecurity-related threats. We are a company that puts the customer first and works with you to achieve the goal of securing your business. We do this by listening to you and coming up with the best approach to help your business.

Chasing Media helps you with an enhanced level of security to defend your critical networks and data by charging a minimum amount for our services, we work diligently with you to eliminate security vulnerabilities to ensure your digital assets are secure from cyber threats. Our security solutions provide infrastructure assurance, application layer testing and vulnerability assessments.

We believe security testing is one of the key elements to make sure your digital assets are fully protected from outside cyber-attacks, But due to the fact that security is becoming more important than any other service in the IT industry, We decided to make sure that security becomes less expensive and affordable for each and every small, medium, startup and businesses. Our team is fully trained to test your online assets against old and new kinds of cyberattacks.

Information Security Partner!

Industry-leading penetration testing service, 24×7 SOC and other information services available
24x7 Monitoring
Cyber threats are constantly evolving and impacting your business systems 24/7. Our 24/7 Managed SOC solution is constantly monitoring and protecting your business. It is aimed at small, medium, start-ups and businesses who are looking to protect your business and improve their information security posture.
Experts in our Field
Our expert team, which includes Certified Web Application Testers, are hugely experienced at performing web application security testing and website security testing and can help your organisation to identify and remediate a wide range of risks.
Save Time, Cut Costs
Not all companies can afford to operate a Security Operations Centre (SOC), we decided to make sure that security becomes less expensive and affordable for each and every small & medium business startup and businesses. Our team is fully trained to test your online assets against old and new kinds of cyber attacks.
Ensuring your infrastructure is securely built is crucial in preventing a serious data breach or loss of intellectual property. then don’t hesitate, drop us a line or reach us on Mobile at +91 7904553880 today!.

What We Served?

Chasing Media Web Application Penetration Testing Service
Web Application Penetration Testing Service
In this highly competitive world, the security & safety of your sensitive & critical business data are extremely important. One loophole in your existing security system can hammer your business and operations extensively and result in massive losses . . .
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Web Application Vulnerability Scanner
Top Web Application Vulnerability Scanner & Penetration Testing Tools
It is important to keep your website and web applications protected and safe, and manual checking for all kinds of vulnerabilities is no easy task even to advanced users.
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Software Development
Chasing Media provides you with a tremendously powerful and user friendly online software development for you with a single step. We provides you with all the tools and features to get started and grow your business quickly. . .
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Website Design
A website is one of the most important investments and it’s reflecting you as a business and as a professional so a half-baked effort is how your customers will perceive you.
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AI Chatbot Automation
From conceptual design and analysis, to full deployment and hosting. We set up everything you need to get up and running with your own chatbot.
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Digital Marketing Strategy
Chasing Media develop a complex digital marketing strategy for you, handmade to your specific goals and using the strategies we have tested ourselves.
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Search Engine Optimization!
Getting your business optimized for local search is the easiest and cheapest way to get a better ranking, Online business visibility, increased qualified traffic, leads, and more business in the long run.
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Local Search Engine Optimization
Optimize your website for inclusion in Google Maps, so people on or near your local area of business operations can find you.
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Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing is one of the most reliable and standalone marketing strategies that allow businesses to expand their online presence to generate immediate traffic and reach potential customers in the market.
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Social Media Optimization
Social media optimization is such a powerful and cost effective tool that it even contributed to the success of several online as well as offline businesses.
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Video Production
We create each video with great zest and work under the professional layout which include strategy, research, concept enhancement, scripting and storyboarding.
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Web Hosting Service
Web hosting is a service that lets you publish your website live on the internet. Just as you need somewhere to live, your website does too!
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Email Marketing
Chasing Media offers the following email marketing services to provide assistance at every turn in your email marketing, from start to finish!
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Whatsapp Marketing
We offer WhatsApp Marketing for any business owner to promote his product or service or anything else he wants to.
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Bulk SMS Service
Bulk SMS Service
Chasing Media provides you most reliable bulk SMS Service. Different packages, different process and different approaches to cater to your business needs; our experts can help you take advantage of Bulk SMS services in the most proficient way.
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