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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service

Capitalize on the power of technology with Bulk SMS services– a premium way to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Hundreds of SMS sent at a single click, Chasing Media provides you most reliable bulk SMS Servicei. Different packages, different process and different approaches to cater to your business needs; our experts can help you take advantage of Bulk SMS services in the most proficient way.

India #1 Bulk SMS Company

Bulk SMS services are ideal to reach millions of customers in a fraction of seconds. It is the core of your marketing strategies, which sets you as the most reliable brand, concerned about your customers. From scheduled SMS to personalized SMS, SMS Campaigns to measuring the metrics of the campaigns, our Bulk SMS services help you with a 360-degree approach. Our networks with premium telecom operators and bulk SMS gateway provider enables us to cater to the specialized needs of our customers and help businesses build a great Customer Relationship Management platform and achieve marketing goals.

Bulk SMS Features

  • Online based Bulk SMS Service No Need installs any software
  • Simple Login & Send Process
  • Make Sender Id as according to your choice
  • You can Easily Manage your contacts online
  • You can easily Import your mobile number to your contact list
  • Upload Excel Sheet or Notepad File
  • Save and create SMS in a Draft
  • Get all Reports for message delivery with date Wise
  • Schedule your SMS Campaigns for future

Bulk SMS Benefits

  • Save Time: Instead, of drafting single messages and sending it to individual mobile subscribers, you can create one message, which is then send to the targeted audience group based on your requirement. You can create groups based on Gender, Location, Income & more.
  • Save Money: Instead of sending individual letters or brochures to their customers, companies can choose to send bulk SMS to thousands of customers at a fraction of price.
  • Get Fast Response: From your marketing Campaigns Mobile marketing enables advertisers to send out custom-made and personalized multimedia campaigns to lists of targeted audiences enabling customers to respond directly and there is huge potential for viral marketing as customers tend to forward messages in groups.
  • Reliable Report tracking: Delivery of messages and the elicited response can be tracked with existing systems. You can track details about delivery of SMS.
  • Highest Accuracy
  • User friendly online interface
  • Uninterrupted service experience.
  • Fully web application without any software and without any Initial setup fees.

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Then, we’ll create a chronological plan to execute your campaign on your ideal platforms.

Our Key Bulk SMS Services

We offer you a comprehensive range of bulk SMS services to enjoy a range of benefits to your business.
Bulk SMS:
The easy way to reach millions of your new and existing customers, Bulk SMS services are ideal for all types of businesses. You can schedule and personalize these messages as per your business requirements and send it in any language of your choice.
SMS Attachments:
We facilitate SMS attachment services which is one of its kind. Now you can send attachments with your SMS including images, PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, etc.
Track Campaign Metrics:
Get a concrete idea of how well your business SMS marketing campaign has worked. We provide you details of your campaign and progress report in an orderly manner.
Receive SMS:
Do you want to set up two-way communication with your customers? The “Receive SMS” service allows you to let your customers send you SMS and get desired information. We set simple codes and texts that customers directly send to the business and gets information accordingly.
Integrate SMS APIs:
Our bulk SMS gateway is easy to integrate with any software or web application. This allows businesses to have a readymade SMS infrastructure for their websites and web and mobile applications to improve business efficiency and reach.
Want an Enterprise-friendly bulk SMS platform, we offer you exactly the same. The key feature pf our Bulk SMS platform for enterprises include multiple user accounts, easy role management, templates, audits and much more.
Mobile Solutions:
Mobile is a new way to connect with your customers. We help you create mobile tickets, surveys add forms, vouchers and send them to your customer’s mobile without additional costs and hassle.


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